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How to Write a Clear Thesis Statement

We always aim to write the best paper, but we could not excel without a clear thesis statement. Papers without a thesis statement would be confusing, there would not be a clear flow of ideas.

A thesis statement states what you stand for throughout the discussion of ideas. It only contains one to two sentences that provides the main idea of the paper. The statement will establish the structure of the essay. It is your responsibility to create a concise thesis statement for you to write and develop a clear and well-thought paper.

We have prepared simple and easy steps on how to create a clear and strong thesis statement.

1. Make the topic into a question.

If your topic is just a phrase or statement, you have to make it into a question. This question would lead you on what you will write throughout your paper.

2. Answer the question.

You may answer the question with a specific answer. However, that’s only the start.

3. Elaborate the answer.

You need to add minor details to make the answer clear.

4. Give examples that will best relate to the answer.

Giving the best examples in your thesis statement will steer the direction of your paper. The readers will clearly understand the gist of your essay. Check our guides on kitchenhome, for example one on artificial grass for examples of quality content.

5. Finalize your thesis statement.

That’s how simple and easy creating a clear thesis statement. Furthermore, to make a perfect one, there are rules you have to follow.

The thesis statement is different from the topic of your paper.

You have to elaborate to the readers on what the paper or essay is all about. The thesis statement is just an anchor of the paper. The essay will revolve around the topic, while the thesis statement will guide the content structure of the essay.

It is best when the thesis statement is placed at the end of the introductory paragraph.

The introductory paragraph should contain a hook, transition and thesis statement. The hook will grab the attention of the readers, while the transition connects one idea to another. Lastly, the thesis statement anchors the main idea of the paper.

Thesis statement will steer the reader’s attention on the flow of ideas.

It does not only guide the writer on how they should perfectly write their paper, but it also guides the readers on the content structure.

Link the body back to the thesis statement.

It is exciting to share your well-researched ideas to your readers. However, there are times we become overwhelmed that we lose track on the important details. Make sure to link back to your thesis statement to avoid confusion.

The thesis statement should be expressed as an opinion that needs to be proven and not a fact.

Make your thesis statement a debatable claim. Do not settle on known facts. You will not have a well-written paper if it is already proven.

Treat the thesis statement as the compass of your paper. We hope that this guide will serve you best on your future papers. If you still have some difficulties, you can ask for an academic assistance to answer solutions.

Guidelines on How to Write a Thematic Essay

When you write a Thematic Essay, the main theme comes from literary devices, may it be metaphor, imagery or personification. That’s why it is a challenging type of essay as the writer should clearly express the theme through his or her own interpretation. There are 6 steps that can help you write the best thematic analysis essay.

Prepare the materials for writing

Do some research and gather some important literatures, make sure that it relates to the main theme of your essay. In this first step, you will be able to organize your thoughts and arguments.

Take down notes when you read the references

It is best to have a detailed outline before you start writing. When you write down the important points from your literature references, it draws your attention more to the details. By then, you can sort out the points that can make your essay relevant. You will have a clear understanding of what literary device to use in your thematic essay.

Start writing the introduction

The introduction of your thematic essay should include the summary of what you have understood about the topic, and an answer to the question. You should know that the introduction should be strong enough to hook your readers. It presents the literary device, thesis statement, and the flow of your essay.

Write the main section of your essay

This part of the essay will talk about the development of your thematic analysis. The main section will contain the body of your essay, and this is the most difficult part. In the content, you have to provide evidences from the reference literature with the analysis you proposed. Just make sure that each paragraph should only have one main idea.

End your essay with a conclusion

This is the final section of the thematic essay, it contains the gist of the whole discussion in the essay. Make sure that your conclusion is brief and concise. You only have to restate the thesis statement and summarize the main points in the essay. You have to make sure that you will not introduce a new idea in the conclusion added The Fab Lab.

Proofread and make necessary edits

When you are done with your draft, leave it for a day or two before proofreading it and making necessary edits.

You need to review the draft you have written, this is crucial when writing an essay. We all know that when we write a draft of our essay, you should be able to develop analysis, write basic ideas, and arrange the thoughts constructively. Pay attention on how you wrote your analysis. Make sure it coincides to your argument.

Other than that, you should make sure that your essay does not have any wrong spelling, correct punctuation, and other grammatical errors.

Not everyone can make a good thematic analysis essay. Just put in mind that you should talk about the overall significance of the topic and how it can impact to the reader.

Guidelines on How to Write an Effective Reflective Essay

There are 5 simple steps that can guide you on how to write an effective reflective essay for your academic paper.

Determine the requirements for the essay assignment.

It is important to know what needs to be written about, you have to define it on your own terms. It is best to follow the instructions given by your professor, that’s why you have to remember the certain reflection model your professor asked you to write about. If you’re writing about an online pharmacy for example, consider all the research.

Moreover, you need to know if your paper needs a citation list. You will be able to create an effective reflective essay if you already determined how the assignment can be done uniquely.

Address important points all throughout the essay

It would be best if you would start your essay with a brief description of the situation or experience. By then, ask yourself these questions to have an idea for your essay outline or draft:

  • What is the most important thing I have learned in this situation?
  • How can this learnings be applied in my life?
  • What are the mistakes I’ve made?
  • With this learnings, how can I improve myself?
  • What skills and aspects would I like to develop?
  • Are there academic literature that relates to the situation?
  • What are the expert recommendations regarding the situation?

Choose the appropriate reflection model

When you are not assigned to a reflection model, you have to decide which model you should use for your reflective essay. These models represent a schematic description that will provide a structure that will suit for your reflection.

You have to remember the analysis, description, and goal of your reflective essay to decide on the model you would like to use. You can choose one of the following model of reflection:

  • Atkins & Murphy model
  • Borton model
  • Brookfield model
  • Driscoll model
  • Gibbs Reflective Cycle
  • John’s Model for Structured Reflection
  • Kolb Reflective Cycle
  • Mezirow Model of Transformative Learning
  • Schon Model

You have to link the reflection model to your outline to create an effective reflective essay.

Complete your first draft

Base your draft on the reflection model and the outline of your essay. A writer should have description, interpretation, literature citations, conclusion, and a recommendation.

In the description, you have to talk about the situation or experience. You have to briefly yet concisely describe what happened. Make sure that the significant happenings will catch the attention of the audience added Millenio who provide SEO in Sussex.

Next, you need to have literature references that would address the situation. These citation should be linked to the experience or situation being discussed in the reflective essay.

Just like any essay, there should be a conclusion and recommendation. You need to summarize how the outcome of the situation has made you reflect some things. By then, you can recommend how you can develop your skills and performance with the knowledge you’ve learned.

Proofread and correct the mistakes found

You need to check the spelling, punctuation, and any grammatical errors. Even if it is a reflective essay, it should still be well-structured.

What is a Reflective Essay?

We all have that human nature to reflect on the things that’s happening around us. It is undeniable that we reflect every day. However, as obvious it may seem, we are still asked to write reflective essays especially in school.

Reflective essay aims to make the writer to analyze situations and experiences. It is quite different from other academic papers. You are asked to talk about how you feel and understand a certain situation or experience. However, you have to put in mind that you still have to filter what you will write. You are still writing an academic paper, not a personal journal. You can find examples at

A reflective essay must contain a well-organized thought that is clearly illustrated with examples and evidences. Reflective essay on academic writing should have:

  • Citation from resources that links to the topic
  • Recommendations
  • Experience and how the situation should be dealt
  • How the situation affects your mindset and performance

When you get used to writing reflective essays, you will develop a critical reflection skills that can help you recognize how to become more effective in your activities of daily living such as pans for induction hobs at

Basic Knowledge about Synthesis Essay

Some might not know what a Synthesis Essay is, most of us are familiar with analytical or argumentative essay. You may be asked to assist an assignment that requires a synthesis essay. Do not worry now. We will provide a detailed guide about Synthesis Essay.

Synthesis Essay provides a unique and well-researched opinion about a topic supported by multiple references. You may say it sounds like a research paper, but they have distinct differences.

The necessary sources of the Synthesis Essay are provided in the text of the assignment. Topics being discussed in this type of writing are broad. You need to have 3 to 4 academic sources to cite in order to have a concrete argument on the topic.

The essay does not aim for the style format, it is more concerned of how the writer’s knowledge on a specific discipline. Thus, it is clear that Synthesis Essay wants to evaluate your language competence and not your skills on analytical thinking.

If you are preparing for an AP English Language and Composition course, expect that Synthesis Essay will be part of the questions.

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